We Can Even Help You Find The Funds To Back The Project.

From setting up an effective finance structure, managing the building process, finding the ‘right’ tenants and understanding your obligations. The tax deductions on a Dual Occupancy home is greater, meaning more money back from the tax man! We’ll provide you with a biting of your chosen houses on your land. Will you be living in one of the new houses? Wouldn’t you luxury home builder prefer to be meeting with a design manager rather than a sales consultant! Have you taken our quick and easy  World of Style quiz to find your style?       We can even buy a new home help you find the funds to back the project. We see ourselves as your development partner in helping you achieve the best quality and most profitable project possible.

Some Updated Guidance On Useful Dual Occupancy Homes Methods

We will also advertise notice of a Dual Octupancy permit and obtain a Land Subdivision permit subject to Town Planning. How about adding a new house to your backyard? We believe that too many people are missing out on the biggest opportunity of their lives for fear of the ‘what ifs’, so we’ve made it our business to make the decision of dual occupancy a no braider. How many bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, car spaces, and so on do you need?  At this stage, you’ll be given the direct contact numbers of your Building Coordinator and Site Supervisor who will be overseeing the construction of your new house. Houses – What do you need and want in your Dual Occ developments? Giving Porter Davis the go ahead now will mean that we can start preparing for your site start, including submitting any applications for permits and approvals. How much will the two houses lease for, if you decide to do so? We can even help you find the funds to back the project. We bring to the table qualified and experienced designers and fully qualified planners as part of your team.